2 Jul 2011

Northampton Coffee

Why would one go to Northampton? That, friend, is an excellent question, and one that I no longer have a good answer to. I won't get into details because (a) my life is none of yo bidnizz and (b) I actually can't think of any reasons to go there. It's a cute town I guess. Lots of lesbians (just an observation!). Ok I'm done.

My visit was basically a bit of a mistake and I ended up spending a lot of time avoiding someone while hiding out in Northampton Coffee, stealing their wifi to download Gossip Girl. The blow was softened by the excellent quality of their coffee and how nice the inside of the shop is; very big and open/airy and now I sound like an interior designer, gross.

Did make the mistake of an iced latte, it tasted good but fuckmylife it's too much milk. For a regular latte I can handle it because they are 8 or 12oz but the iced beasts over-soy me.

Anyway, if for some unfortunate reason you're in Northampton (I know I am really shittalking it but trust me, I have reasons) then you should check it out as it's definitely one of the town's redeeming features.

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