2 Jul 2011

Cafe Pedlar

In keeping with the theme of Park Slope, here's the other place I went to after buying cheap tempeh and 6 for $5 Clif bars (btw they are not food, they are candy, stop kidding yourself) at TJ's.

Cafe Pedlar brews with Stumptown which is always a tick in the 'awesome' box and the coffee was very good.

There are, however, no more ticks in that box.

I experienced the absolute worst service here than anywhere I have ever been. Not just coffee shops - anywhere. When I approach someone who is gonna provide a service for me, I am friendly and polite because I work in the service industry and I know what a difference it makes to your day. When I asked for a soy latte I recieved no acknowledgement, the barista merely moved to the espresso machine and started making my drink. He barely held eye contact with me as I made my order. The coffee was then placed in front of me and I was then stared at. I passed over $5 and $1 was pushed across the counter towards me. No 'hello', no 'thanks', not even a fucking 'ok bitch here's your goddamn drink'

A massive personal gripe of mine is when customers thrust money towards me, tip it out on the counter or just leave it in front of me instead of simply putting it in my hand. Yo, don't be a dick, yeah? I am a human being. So experiencing this as a customer was kind of a bummer. It actually made me pretty mad. FUCK YOU ASSHOLE I HOPE YOU HATE YOUR LIFE.

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