2 Jul 2011

Gorilla Coffee

I finally made it to New York, much to my relief. There's an app available for iphones (and maybe your shitty droid, I don't give a fuck) called 'New York's Best Coffee' so I decided to try and visit as many of the listed businesses as possible during my stay.

This is actually quite a challenge as there are like, 70 or 80? Due to this, a lot of my daily activities were orientated around which shops I could visit in that area. Or, a lot of the time, just going from one shop to another (look I fucking love coffee ok stop judging me jeez).

The first place I stopped is in Park Slope. Most of my NY friends dislike this neighborhood as it's yuppie and there isn't that much going on. I can't disagree but I went there a bunch to shop at Target, cuz I'm classy, Trader Joe's, cuz sometimes a girl can't deal with Whole Foods, and to visit a good friend who lives out on the G.

Gorilla Coffee is pretty good. I heard a few shot reviews but I definitely rate it above average. Had a few consistently good lattes and they also have a pretty tasty cold brew. Also really fast free wifi and if you time your visit there's usually a place to sit.

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