2 Jul 2011

Amherst Coffee

Ok so you might go to Amherst for a show or some shit, I don't know. Birthplace of many popular bands during the late 90's and 00's such as everyone's screamo faves Orchid (not dissing, I have an Orchid tattoo... lol@me) and Ampere and whatever.
I spent a lot of time in MA exploiting how amusing I found an awkward situation to be by behaving like a big of a brat as possible. Despite my lack of genuine fun during this trip, the highlight (which wasn't difficult considering) was coffee from this place.

It was a solid 10/10. Maybe only one of a few I have experienced. I felt, for a second, this weird emotion inside of me...was it joy? Ok that's an exaggeration. Happiness is less extreme right? Maybe it was that. Shit was good. I had 2 even though it was hot as shit outside.

A+ would drink again if my sorry ass is ever dragged to MA for any reason.

(PS sorry to my few actual friends who live in these parts, you are in no way included in my derogatory opinions.)

(PPS check out my sick fancy US burner fake blackberry)

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