2 Jul 2011

Ninth Street Espresso

Ninth Street has 3 locations in Manhattan - Chelsea Market, Alphabet City and Tompkins Square. The latter is the one that myself and my friend Tori visited. Tori is like my soul sister (in a white girl way) as she hates everything as much as I do and finds dealing with people and life on a day to day basis generally more trouble than it's worth. We found ourselves in Soho, on a Saturday when it was 90 degrees out and there were parades for some weird celebratory bullshit. It was awful and nearly gave us both aneurisms so luckily Ninth Street came to our rescue.
It's a really small shop, more of a bar to be honest, there is seating but it's minimal so don't expect to linger unless you hit it during a quiet time. I liked the interior though, it was very simple with no weird kitschy bullshit adorning the walls. No frills - just how I like coffee (see what I did there, nice tie-in, my education is paying off!).

Tori recommended that I have an americano as they were very good in her experience, and she wasn't wrong. Despite the heat outside (NY in the summer is kind of a shitstorm) I could totally cope with it and it's nice taking your time with a drink - lattes go cold a lot more quickly.

Afterwards we actually spent 3 hours looking for a tie for her boyfriend to wear to a mutual friend's wedding. Why. Why put ourselves through it? Female solidarity and a slight tendency for masochism.

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