2 Jul 2011

El Beit

Also in W'Burg is El Beit. It's right in the shit, Bedford and 9th pretty much next door to Vinnie's Pizza (purveyor of fine vegan slices, italian ice and the infamous T.Hanks). The app on my iphone rated it very highly so obviously it was top of my list of places to visit. From first look it appears tiny but there's a lot of space to sit out back, where your people watching opportunities remain - lest you forget you are in Williamsburg, the customers are just as entertaining in appearance compared to outside.

Again, I went back a few times to try different drinks. Though I was greeted with consistently rude service (though better than Cafe Pedlar) I was also rewarded with consistently good coffee. They also do a lot of weird ice tea for all you bullshit ice tea drinkers.

My main compliment for El Beit is that their lattes are very strong - sometimes with coffee in the US I have found that the special barista's soymilk overpowers the espresso a little, but here that isn't a problem.

Even better is that it's right opposite the stoop! Lolol.

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