2 Jul 2011

Gimme Coffee

I can't think of this place without immediately thinking of this:

P - I - Z - Z - A

so in my head I would sing GIMME COFFEE. C - O - F - F - E (doesn't quite fit, frustrating)

I only visited the place on Lorimer, apparently there are one or two other locations, I imagine they're all pretty similar. To be honest, when in the area I'd rather go to Second Stop on Ainslie but it's really popular and very busy. The place was dead when I went in which was cool cuz I HaTe PeOpLe and wanted to listen to Slipknot in private (jk about the last part...or the first...you decide). The baristas were really nice and the coffee was pretty good except there was a LOT of it. It was like a little bucket.

I had excellent company in the shape of Adam Whites, who co-runs this wonderful and famous blog as well as an excellent label . The one black mark against him is that he doesn't drink coffee (pussy) oh and also thinks ramen is a food group but I can forgive you for that Adam because I know you're incompetent.

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