2 Jul 2011

Birch Coffee

I'm starting to lose the will to live writing all these but I will persevere, partly due to boredom and partly due to the aforementioned masochism. Also I am avoiding doing school work which is an excellent precedent to set myself considering I start a PhD in October. WELP.

Ok so I did spend one of my days going to 4 different places. I walked from Chinatown to 36th St and Park Avenue. If you don't know Manhattan, that's a pretty long way and you should be impressed. I sweated a lot. Was it worth it? I dunno, probably? What do you want from me, coherence? Good luck with that.

to your left: soy latte and my awful fake Raybans

Birch is reaaaally nice. It's midtown, not an area I ever usually spend time in for obvious reasons so unless you're in that part of town for a particular reason I can't REALLY say it's worth going up for as there are a lot of equally good shops down south. It's decorated pretty cool, the people that work there are friendly, there's free wifi and it's got quite a good atmosphere if you're into that.

By that point in the day I had drunk 5 cups of strong coffee and was feeling pretty awesome aka fucked up, closest I get to a high now I'm nailed to the X, I know some people aren't down with caffeine but basically fuck you, why do you hate fun? I sure don't (barefaced lie, I do hate fun).

to your right: romantic iced coffee. closest I get to romance... sob sob (jk I hate that Hallmark bullshit)

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