8 Apr 2011

UKCW day #3

Shitty day. Don't care. I have no energy to put up pretenses. Sometimes I have to fill my time with pointless, directionless errands just so I don't sit at home listening to Unknown Pleasures in the dark like a total fucking cliche.

Had to go into work to sign off on something so I got an iced caramel soy latte from one of the participating stores. Tasted like sugar water. If I hadn't seen her add the espresso I'd swear it had never seen coffee.

Tried another proper latte at home inbetween mailorder and practicing chords.

It was good. Microfoam spoiled by that bubble. Drank it too quickly. I'd blame it for my insomnia but that would be unfair. Tonight I must rely on codeine and will-power...easier said than done. I am so tired of this bullshit but never quite tired enough to sleep.

Over and out.

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