3 Apr 2011

guilty of being...light...in calories...

My body hates sugar. Last time I ate chocolate I woke up with a hangover. It also makes me extremely hyper in a way that caffeine never has.

However, I have a guilty pleasure. I am having palpitations just looking at it. Sugar-free, carb-free liquid heaven. Be mine. Get inside me. This shit is bananas, my brain cannot comprehend how it exists and how awful it probably is for me and goes against my wholefoods diet but I simply give ZERO FUCKS.

If anyone wants to make me happy then direct your attention right about here. kthnx.

I got some sample-sizes including vanilla, caramel, hazelnut, gingerbread (hnnng) and cinnamon so I've been drinking lattes with a shot of one of those in it. I basically feel like I am on speed after I've ingested this awful deliciousness.

h8ers gon h8. So few things in life give me pleasure anymore and generally speaking I am a mega-snob about food/drink/clothes/people I spend time with so I allow myself a few slips. Candy coffee is one of them.

I drank this while listening to Nicki Minaj and browsing the Topshop webstore to remind myself that I do have female reproductive organs, despite them currently having absolutely no use.

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