3 Apr 2011


Over the past month or so I have been working loads and been uncharacteristically busy. I love my job, I am very lucky to work for an independent, creative business with amazing people that I count among my good friends. Having a job again has basically saved me from completely descending into insanity and misery. I also love money so it's like, win-win.

When I am not there then I have mostly been sitting in my basement with the lights out listening to Merchandise and writing/assembling a project of mine.

What this has not left a lot of time for is coffee adventures. In addition, I suffer from chronic insomnia which is extremely frustrating so I thought I'd give a zero-caffeine approach. That lasted 2 days and I didn't sleep any better so concluded it was total bullshit and got off the wagon quicker than a hooker drops her panties.

Anyway enough about sex workers and my boring life. I have been practicing making long blacks. I am getting pretty good at it! I am currently using the Bonanza beans I bought in Berlin but they are almost out/stale. They do make a good black coffee.

The one above is a little...black. Now, I enjoy a monochrome life. I own one navy Fred Perry polo and that's the extent of color in my wardrobe. But a long black should have a crema like a good espresso. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this type of coffee, the technique involves pulling a double/ristretto shot over boiled water rather than the reverse (americano). I prefer them because the taste is stronger and they look nicer.

(I eat dried fruit. Whatever. I drink kale smoothies and think rice cakes are delicious, y u mad tho?)

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