4 Apr 2011

UK coffee week.

"UK Coffee Week™ takes place from April 4-10 2011 and unites the coffee and food service industry to celebrate the success and vibrancy of the industry with British consumers while giving back to an extremely worthy cause.

A nationwide program of charitable collections, in-store activities and public events will raise funds for Project Waterfall. This charitable initiative will deliver clean water to impoverished communities in coffee-producing African countries.

100% of consumer donations made during UK Coffee Week will go directly to support Project Waterfall."

Cool! So I can go drink coffee, donate a few coins that would otherwise probably go in the trash because I have an irrational fear of small change and get the warm feeling of making a difference aka white middle-class guilt.

Only thing is, here are the places in Brighton which are participating.
Two independent coffee shops. Two. This is a town renowned for its independent businesses. Shame on you, Brighton. 

You have enough of the aforementioned white middle-class guilt to sink the fucking Titanic and 7 Costas and a fucking MARKS AND SPENCERS CAFE is all you can muster. I don't even...



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  1. That's ridiculous! HOW many coffee shops are in Brighton & Hove who are all about the charity/ethics? Seems so strange that only Costa is getting on board. Well done Red Roaster. Capers? I don't think I've ever drunk coffee there, just had really greasy vegesausage sandwiches...x