4 Apr 2011

UKCW day #1

I'm a control freak. It is one of the only ways I can function on a vaguely acceptable level in day-to-day life. I thrive on routine and ritual. Every week before my German lesson I get a junk food coffee to try and encourage my brain to work.

This week, the Costa I usually go to is a participant in UKCW. Now, I would never, ever drink a standard coffee from a chain like this. The reasoning behind the shot of syrup is that it masks the taste of sub-standard espresso. The end result is a tasty sugary treat that goes against my pretty strict diet but luckily is burned off at the gym.

This week it was a caramel latte. I won't lie. This shit tastes good, but only because it's like a liquid candy bar.

Later on I was craving a decent cup. I have a bad habit of making coffee at home at around 9 or 10pm. I actually think it has zero effect on how well or badly I sleep because my sleep cycle is so completely fucked anyway that exercise, caffeine etc make no difference. I'M JUST WRONG INSIDE.

Anyway I made a Bonsoy latte. Everyone knows how much I love Bonsoy. I'd yell it from a rooftop given half a chance. It's 2.79 a liter here, shit ain't cheap, but it lasts me almost a week.

My rudimentary foam art came out looking like a brain. I was amused because I am a simpleton.

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