7 Jan 2011

Taylor Street Baristas, Brighton

l-r: macchiato with soy, 16oz latte with soy

I lived in Brighton for 5 years as a non-coffee drinker (dark, dark days) and now, on the (metaphorical) eve of my reintegration there is this little beacon of light on the gross street by the station. Aussie/Kiwi run antipodean style coffee made with BONFUCKINGSOY aka greatest soymilk for the dairy-free coffee snob. I will pay the 60p ($1) extra with a shit eating grin on my face because it is so good.

First time I went I got the above order. Macchiato was ok, not the best I have had but still very good. The latte was a mistake, but mine not theirs. I can't deal with that milk-to-coffee ratio anymore.

Now I get a 'double' (four) shot flat white with bonsoy. Hasn't failed me yet. Only peeve is that they don't serve 'large' (16oz) coffees in ceramic cups, only takeout cups. So do what every other decent coffee shop does and don't go above 12oz, simple. Smaller is better (that's not what she said).

Downside: due to location, it's usually full of Brighton yummy mummies and daddies with screaming whelps who think they shit gold because they've mastered the fine art of procreation.

4 shot flat white (fallen down a bit, and they always put the lid on before serving, guys it makes your foam art look shit, jfyi)

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