7 Jan 2011

Nude Espresso

Bethnal Green, London

I love Nude for several reasons, not connected to the act of being nude, which whilst being brilliant for certain activities is not neccesarily a state I like to be in while around hot liquids (twss?)

One, it is 20 mins walk from my apartment. Two, everyone that works there is really nice. Three, they use the Holy Bonsoy, milked from the finest Australian soybean nipples. Four, it is probably the only thing I like about Brick Lane which is a massive sea of cunts.

And obviously the coffee is awesome. Consistently awesome. I usually get a three shot flat white which is always impeccably made and presented. Nude is tied top 3 of my favorite places to get coffee in London.

They also sell their own blends for a very reasonable £6ish and if you are partial to food what has got cheese and meats in it then I believe they do a good sandwich too.

TOURIST TIP: The street the shop is on was where Jack the Ripper committed one of his first murders. I like to roll around on the sidewalk in imaginary evisceration after my coffee.

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