7 Jan 2011

Milk Bar

Soho, London

Flat White's big sister. Apparently a 'milk bar' is an Australian thing but to me it sounds like some creepy, Clockwork Orange-esque establishment which would involve drinking the aforementioned non-vegan beverage direct from a swollen nipple attached to a distressed cow perhaps sporting some kind of latex.

I digress. It's roomier than FW but still retains the atmosphere and I like how high the bar is. Also, they do food and RUMOR HAS IT that there is vegan french toast to be had. Usually I am too excited about coffee for food but breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite things to do because I am 5 years old.

This is grumpy birthday me (seductive bags under eyes? rain-greased hair? dejected glare?) mid-way through a soy macchiato which was AMAZING. I could have a bath in those, I don't give a fuck, I want to douse myself in sweet, sweet espresso and stay awake forever (like Lady Bathory and virgins blood, see?)

Also, it stays open until 7pm which is late by London standards (oh England when will you learn to embrace coffee culture as equivalent to that of alcohol?).

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