7 Jan 2011

Camden Coffee House

Camden (no shit), London

So far we have had the good. Time for the not so good. Anywhere that serves milkshakes and chai tea lattes (which is what my companion got...jesus fuck are you an 11 year old girl?) is probably not gonna be AMAZING for coffee but I find it in my heart some time to not judge a book by its cover without caressing its pages.

Sadly I was right. The shop uses Has Bean blends which I haven't had before and wouldn't try again in a hurry. The espresso base was ok but nothing on Square Mile. The milk was too hot which is a schoolboy error. The microfoam was good though and apparently the incoherent galaxy is their 'signature' foam art (LAZY).

It's also a tiny shop but as far as I know, Camden isn't crawling with great places to get coffee. What it is crawling with are throwbacks from every music and style scene known to man so if you haven't been to see the weird and wonderful freaks...don't go. The town makes my skin crawl, every time I step off the subway I want to throw up everywhere. And I have spent a fair amount of time at the Underworld seeing hardcore bands of varying talent and eating thai vegan buffet.

Fuck Camden.

On a plus note, I got the opportunity to discuss the philosophy of war with my good friend Jack who is not only a writer but a BJJ instructor and general nihilistic asshole like myself. Here I am reading his first novel and pretending I am as smart as he is...

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