7 Jan 2011


Chicago: Millennium Park/Broadway
Whilst I was staying in Chicago it became a ritual on a Sunday to go to Intellegentsia on Broadway and then to Reckless Records across the street. Pretty perfect day if you ask me. I got the same thing every time I went: large mocha with soy milk and vegan chocolate (probably THE cuntiest sounding coffee request). It is, however, a fucking delicious coffee, more akin to a dessert.
Intellegentsia is one of those great companies that revels in its snobbery while at the same time remaining accessible. The baristas are very friendly and accomodating and for $5 and change you get a coffee that shits all over the burnt excretion you’d get for the same price at Starbucks.


In this photo is a cop who hit on me in the Millennium Park shop once, cuz a gal can’t get caffeinated without members of the emergency services creeping on her. Seriously though, I am ACAB enough without this sort of behavior. Sadly, as a non-US national I have an inbuilt fear of deportation and just awkwardly backed away as he complimented my 'art' (think you mean tattoos, mate), all the while internally lolling at the irony of an officer of the law believing he had anything in common whatsoever with a bratty little punk kid.

That is me holding a bag of crack.
To be more precise, it is their Black Cat Espresso blend (more about the company). Maybe it’s the happy memories I have attached to their coffee but I have yet to find a blend I like as much. That particular bag I had flown in from ATX by my friend Tsouni because I am pathetic and desperate.

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