7 Jan 2011

Taste of Bitter Love

Hackney Rd, London

I have the pleasure of currently residing a stones throw from the beautiful Hackney Road. It should really be a National Trust recognized area of natural beauty. Such divine visions accost you at every turn...the discount luggage store...the discount shoe store...the kebab shop...the travel inn...the National Front pub...Hackney City Farm and its 3 sheep and clinically depressed pigs.

I went to The Taste of Bitter Love after hearing a LOT of good things, expecting something really great that would make up for how soul crushingly awful Hackney Rd is. As it happens, I was massively disappointed to the point of being angry. My anger was more from the rudeness of the barista; I am not a chatty person and I have worked in the service industry - I know sometimes you just want to get on with it. But if I try and make your day less shit by being nice to you then for FUCKS SAKE don't be rude to me because next time, so help me, I will not be nice.

Luckily (lol) it was the last day before they closed, which may have had something to do with the poor service, but can't justify the shitty latte I got. Horrible cheap soymilk (I know the exact guilty culprit and there's no excuse on spending 50p less a carton, yes I can taste it), very weak espresso, lukewarm to the point of being cold.

Whatever. Over it.

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