21 Feb 2011

Taylor Street Baristas, Brighton

TSB, TSB how do I love thee, let me count the ways. When I first moved back I was going in every day which is a little excessive. The baristas who work here are very, very lovely and I've had several informative conversations about coffee with one girl in particular. I like the actual shop a lot too - it's minimalist without being clinical but nowhere near as Brightonified as Marwood (ugh). I think everyone who works there is Kiwi or Aussie...I actually got mistaken for an Australian at one point which is a first. I tried not to be offended...lol jk Australians are great.

Went in with Alice, my best and most cherished friend, for her blog induction before I went to my German lesson. One 3 shot soy flat white and one 4 shot long black later and I was definitely revved up for Deutsche...my tutor possibly thinks I smoke crack now.

The coffee at TSB is always good. I like consistency; it leaves no room for failure, which my life has enough of. Today I wanted to try a pour-over but they didn't have any of the beans they use for those/aeropress. TSB uses Union beans as well as sourcing from other locations and they have 4 or 5 blends to try which is pretty cool.

This is Alice's notebook. She's really into k-pop, as are two more friends of mine Bunny and Jess (bunnybissoux.blogspot.com and nunasknowbest.blogspot.com). Frankly the whole situation confuses me but then again, my current playlist revolves mainly around In Utero-era Nirvana, 80s straight edge hardcore and this amazing band called Milk Music so what the fuck do I know. Anyway, even a philistine like myself can recognize that k-pop x Misfits is pretty great.

Finally - no children or prams today, just a man who's left hand looked like it was rotting. Made a hasty exit for fear of catching leprosy.



  2. So proud of Dipper right now! did she print out and stick that on herself? god I love her.

    and I am delighted by my mention, and k-pop's mention, we are one. <3 <3 <3

    Enjoying the coffee analysis from my coffee free perspective as always. xxx