15 Feb 2011

Flat White/Sacred Cafe, London

(1) Melancholy trip up to say goodbye to my old apartment (2) Frustrating and expensive mission to replace my passport (lost my purse during moving, let the shit rain down on me). 'Make it stop' element to both somewhat lessened by the inclusion of coffee.

I spent ages trying to think of what else SFW could stand for but they were all lame.

So Fucking Weird? I am not 14, I'm not wearing a tshirt that says 'you're just jealous that all the little voices are talking to me' that I bought from Camden Market.

So Fucking Wired is way more suitable. I seem to spend a lot of my life in a state of wound-up alert these days.

 This book is really good. I picked it up used for really cheap. Right now I'm reading the chapter which discusses theories based around how the sex drive and death drive are connected despite the latter being the antithesis of the 'innate' need to 'continue the species'.

Dunno if understanding aggression will help me deal with my own anger issues or allow me to refine my hate even further. I wonder if I need anger management?

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