19 Feb 2011

Ground, Brighton

I have walked past this place 54897684976 times and never wanted to go inside because it was always so FUCKING BUSY AND FULL OF PEOPLE WITH PRAMS. I don't hide the fact that I believe children should neither be seen nor heard until they are of an age that they can provide something worthwhile to society in any way, even if it's serving me in the video rental store. Infants and toddlers creep me the fuck out and yet are drawn towards me, like fat fleshy moths toward a cold, black flame.

Anyway, Stevie and I go to TSB all the time in our day to day travels so for a coffee date we figured it was a good idea to try somewhere new. 3pm on a Friday meant Ground was pretty quiet and there were zero children, so 1pt right there.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Stevie for a good many years, from the heady days of our punk youths in West Berkshire to shared time living in Brighton. I love that I am still such good friends with so many great people from like, 8 or 9 years ago still. He and I share a healthy misanthropy and general distrust of humanity and life in general as well as a good cup of joe.

The flat white was very good. No Bonsoy but the milk had been textured well and they hit the 'sweet spot' (technical term, google it, I'm lazy). Stevie had an aeropress which he said was ok, we both then had a long black which was agreed to be excellent. Gave me the jitters which is unusual and I take as a good sign. Baristas were cute and friendly, shop is not THAT small and has a back room but there was a creepy old man sat there...can't really allow that to reflect on my rating, though.

Will visit again if the lack of children can be guaranteed in advance.

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