15 Feb 2011

Look Mum, No Hands - London

Awful name. Not sure if it's better or worse than Tina, We Salute You (one of the highest rated coffee shops in London despite this)? It kinda fits with the whole bike-courier-Williamsburg-hang-out thing I guess...for better or worse...god what am I saying? I've become everything I hate.

I was in town for the Violent Shitt/Good Throb (both bands RULE, really looking forward to seeing both of them again) show and to see my lovechild/ex roommate Coco. Everyone I called was too hungover to hang out (~smug nondrinker~)so I trekked to Old St to check this place out.

Aside from the personal name-based grudge, I really liked LMNH. It's BIG which is a MASSIVE BONUS because I sat there for 4 hours and didn't feel like I was outstaying my welcome. Milk Bar/Flat White/Nude provide the upper-echelon of coffee and snobbery but they get pretty cramped, especially at weekends, and all close 6pm at the latest whereas this place stays open til 8 or 10pm.

The shop is full of bikes and bike shit which is cool if you like bikes and wanna stare at them. Lots of bike people with small hats and lycra. I basically sat at the window for a really long time waiting to go meet friends, mainlining long blacks (v. good) and reading Blanchot essays on my macbook (wifi! another BONUS). Nice staff. Cheap and quality coffee. Welcoming atmosphere. It's a little 'out of the way' (10 min walk from Old St) but worth it.

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