15 Feb 2011

Red Roaster, Brighton

Going back a really fucking long time now: when I was living in my first house in Brighton (6 years ago, woof), a friend of one of my roommates from Australia came to crash on our couch for a while. He was called Kirk and was/is a totally awesome guy, I haven't spoken to him in years which sucks. He started working at Red Roaster as a barista and this was my first introduction to foam art - people used to come in and take photos of his coffees. I really didn't give much of a shit cuz I didn't drink coffee back then (what a fool) but it gave me a fond connection to RR.

I went in after I got back from Chicago last and thought the coffee had gone downhill. Maybe I was just spoiled on 6 weeks of Intelligentsia? Pretty weak sauce though.

Now my blood does not run Black Cat anymore (woe) but the coffee at RR has improved drastically recently. I put it down to reintroducing Bonsoy, I swear blind that a good espresso based is ruined by shitty soymilk. I bitched about it to my dad and he told me I should just let these places know so maybe it's time to grow a pair and take my loud-mouthed snobbery public.

I usually get a 3 shot soy latte (no flat whites) on the walk back from the gym as a treat. It's too busy and loud to sit in and full of people with fucking prams and babies and Kemptown freaks. Everyone that works there is really nice though despite the fact the place is always packed out. Also my friend Tash works there AND they run a loyalty card service which is A+

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