19 Feb 2011

Cafe Coho

My mum was in town to hang out with my brother and I which was pretty nice as we don't all get to hang out that often. In between a trip to UO (lol we all bought something) and the noodle bar we grabbed coffee at this place. It's next to Marwood which I HATE because it embodies everything awful about Brighton (fake try hard art student/hippie/useless sack of shit artwork and bad coffee masquerading as quality - calling something a flat white doesn't make it a flat white. They often burn their espresso, too).

Anyway, it's a pretty nice looking shop, clean and minimalist inside. Reminded me of Blue Bottle in Williamsburg a little (only aesthetically, sadly, the coffee was good but not THAT good).

They used a different fern in my coffee so it didn't get confused with the cows milk flat whites which I thought was a cute way of making sure there were no mix-ups. Staff were almost over-friendly and very eager to please. Place was dead, I'd go back again to use wifi and try their long blacks. My bro clocked that they use a Gaggia #fuckyeah.

In short: fuck Marwood forever. If I was really gross I'd shit on their doorstep as a sort of dirty protest (people do this outside the movie theater I work at sometimes, kind of weird). If you're in the south Laines then definitely go here.

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