3 Mar 2011

Godshot, Berlin

I was recommended this shop by my buddy Bradley who is from DC but lived in Berlin for a time and is also a fan of coffee-based activities, as well as being the person who introduced me to Club Mate and as a result I am eternally grateful to him. Club Mate is like this non alcoholic caffeinated beverage slightly reminiscent of sparkling apple juice crossed with champagne... it's pretty weird and gives you an epic buzz as I discovered due to drinking some at 11pm and sleeping like shit as a result.

Cute shop, lots of seating and really nice baristas. I got talking to the girl who served us about working there and living in Berlin as an Australian. She asked where I was from and said I had the weirdest accent she'd ever heard - like a mix of american, english, australian and 'nowhere'. Dunno if that's bad or good or grouping three of the most disliked english-speaking countries together is kind of an insult. Whatever.

I did enjoy the coffee but it didn't blow me away. Kind of a bummer as I had heard such good things. The flat white was slightly... flat. Espresso was good. I mark it up because of the atmosphere. I also bought a bag of Phoenix Blue which is from a roastery in Dresden. I had heard a rumor that they brewed with Black Cat (Intellegentsia) but alas, no, no more...sadness.

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