3 Mar 2011

9 Bar Cafe, Hove

On the days I don't go to the gym I like to try and walk a bunch otherwise I feel gross for not exercising. I have started working out a lot to try and help with my anger as well as looking after myself more, in conjunction with my new found nutrition obsession which includes freaking people out with green smoothies.

It was also the nicest day in ages and walking along the beach was, for once, quite a pleasure. I feel like a day which involves listening to Law of the Rope and catching some winter rays (no fear of tanning) is not a bad one.

I can't stop internally lol-ing at the name and only about 20 of my friends would find it funny. Nine Bar were (are?*) a UKHC band who were pretty big in the early/mid 00's. From that mental association alone I decided to give it a shot. I was very pleasantly surprised. The coffee was excellent. I got a double shot soy latte which was pleasingly small, as it should be, and tasted excellent. Good milk (not Bonsoy but not the cheap shit) and a very good espresso base.

I will definitely go back there. Reminded me of Red Roaster a bit so maybe they brew with RR beans. I think some people assume Hove is a bit shit because it's famously where you move when you're ready to settle down and stop partying so much. Brighton is super studenty and also full of 'alternative' douchbags who dress in clothes from Cybergoth or entirely in hemp (brb vomiting) and Hove is more like... yummy mummies to the extreme and delis and all that shit. It has some really nice places to hang out though including 9 Bar and is far less overwhelmingly try-hard cool than Brighton.

*I just googled them and they have a new song on their myspace if you're interested...

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